Dipl. C. G. Jung Institute Küsnacht, Switzerland

Dr. Art Funkhouser

I'm a Jungian psychotherapist and (since 1981) offer counselling, therapy and dream work in Berne.

Dr. Art Funkhouser

My Services

  • Counselling

    Guidance is offered in marital difficulties, school problems, decisions and other life challenges.

  • Therapy

    I accompany those who come as they seek to work on their inner conflicts and heal their soul wounds.

  • Dream Work

    Rather than interpreting them, I work with the dreamer to uncover the message(s) dreams bring.


Brief Biography

Born in the US in 1940, I grew up in Oklahoma, in the central part of the country. My first university degrees were in physics and my first employment was in metrology. My area of expertise was optics: how to work with light.

At age 31, I discovered I was more interested in working with people and, in 1973, came to Switzerland to begin my training at the C. G. Jung Institute. I was married in 1975 and have a son and two daughters (two of whom now have their own children).

In 1981 I moved to Bern after completing my training in psychotherapy and began seeing clients. I now have over 38 years of helping people get to know themselves better and to work on and through their issues and problems.

Reasons you might wish to have a session

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Troubling or puzzling dreams
  • A need to find a new direction and purpose
  • A wish to find deeper meaning and fulfillment
  • Depression, anxiety and/or fears
  • A need to have someone to talk to


1958–62Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bachelor of Science (physics)
1962–67University of Michigan Masters of Science (Coherent optics, holography)
1975–79Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Doctor of Technical Science (digital photography)
1973–81C. G. Jung Institute Diploma in Jungian psychotherapy
During my career I published over 50 scientific papers (and a book chapter) in the fields of holography, perimetry, dream research, and déjà experience research.


I'm a member of the following professional associations:


Telephone: 031 331 66 00
Email: atf (at) alum.mit.edu

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